Antonio FAGLADONE, She did it Again

So, let’s all wonder why we would do this. write such a terrible Blog about someone for well, no reason. isn’t that the way of Gor these Days, isn’t THAT the way of the internet? keyboard Warriors. Now, i was just searching the internet as a normal thing to do on a Sunday, checking up on the Scores and helping out on our new Build at Kasra, or which was known as Kasra Anyway, i came across an IM from a good friend, showing me this so called Antonio Fagladone Guy going Ham on Kasra, saying How we are a bunch of cunts and that Kasra is a fishbowl. Well i kinda laughed and let it be, it was funny to read how he thought this ‘Chantelle’ women to be such a terrible Person. Well, Me been me I had to just make this Post cause we all know how much we all love to troll and well be a ‘keyboard Warrior’ as to Speak.

So, i was reading through to See a bunch of Stuff to say well, Kasra was a fishbowl and he hated everything about it, even the people, doors and such. I’m fine with that, but then we came to something else, a Comment by Fagladone himself saying that ‘FSO’ wasn’t a fishbowl. Well come on i just burst out laughing and fell off my chair. Please if whoever is reading this tell me how many times you’ve been to FSO and had to Lockpick not 1, but 2 fishbowl doors or Go into the tunnels and let them shut you in from Behind. i tried to raid there a few times, offering Traffic but he would say ‘Sorry, we are adding 4 more so we are 10’ Why? cause you need 9 people shooting at the door while that one person sitting at the door twiddles her thumbs for 3 minutes before hitting ‘Stop’. i have a Photo to Represent such a thing. Look Below.


Now come on, tell me you didn’t laugh, of course the weird person i am, i had too. So now let’s turn to this. Let’s look at the whole point of Fagladone and his Terrible ways. i think I’ve come Across him a few times in the Past, when i was in Unks or Kasra it’s funny to watch someone like him Rage and cry Fowl over Loosing, Resetting and been re-downed cause he’s a bad shot. i mean we all do it right? or do we? i have a couple of Friends in FSO and all you get is ‘Fagladone just screams at us, shouts at us and telling us were all bad fighters’ well.. let’s face it i do that but I’m just kidding around, i love my members at Kasra and the Fort on which it stands. all i get from Fagladone is this screaming match of Obscene Stuff of how ‘I’M REALLY A MAN DAMMIT, I’M REALLY A MAN’ i know, an old joke right? Still funny watching the Video that Tae Made on her Blog over at Tae’s Adventures in Gor. Well he did kind of Flip out and try and cause some kind of uproar, which we all moved past in a day while he swings his arms in the air crying cause no one will listen to him like a 4 year old not getting his Food. Take a look at this. made me laugh too. ‘NOT A FISHBOWL’



Now, Let’s move over to the last part. Fagladone Been compared to Hitler. i got so many IM’s asking why i made some sort of Video about this Guy, i just shruged my shoulders and thought ‘Who TF is he and why would i make a video about him?’ well yeah, to this day i still get just that, i don’t really think he’s worth the time of Day but once he goes after Kasra and their people over well.. him Loosing a Raid, i think i have to maybe stand in and put a stop to it. Poor women might be on her Peroid or whatever Men Have, mid-life crisis. well, instead of Buy a car or going Bungee Jumping i think he wants to sit around on a PC and try play Warrior, It’s like talking to a brick wall with this guy, get more Sense out of one too. Poor guy has to go after a person on the Internet cause Real Life is just ‘Too Scary’ for him. i know, i’m kidna funny but i’m over it. Honestly if you want to check out Tae’s Blog and see some of the Stuff on there about him, i would Take alook. might have you laughing as much as ‘Gor Fail’

I guess this is where Keyboard Warriors go to ‘War’ Right Antonio? RIP

On the Upperhand, come check out the new Kasra Build. we had my good friend ‘Rey’ build it. it’s amazing, Multiple ways into the fort and i promise, nothing like what FSO is with the Terrible ‘None’ Fishbowl he has.



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